George B. Brooks Sr. Community School

The Sustainable Community School

The George B. Brooks, Sr. Community School will generate sufficient revenue to sustain its own operating costs, and provide ongoing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education through project-based learning to hundreds of families and K-8 children within walking distance of the campus. Also housed at this facility is a large greenhouse and two acres of gardens.

The Roosevelt District Wellness Center synergistically provides a modern teaching kitchen with multi-media capability to enhance program learning experience.

To learn more about the Community School, download our Plan!

Using Old Resources in New Ways

The Roosevelt School District recognized the need and potential to enhance the use of taxpayer funded resources for community benefit. The District's dream was to create an innovative community incubator of wellness, education and success that would complement the children’s core curriculum with whole child and project based learning models focused on STEM. The dream must be sustainable and powered by the talents and resources of the community of South Phoenix; evolving and thriving—a well spring for community resiliency and growth.

This dream is manifested through the George B. Brooks, Sr. Community School.






The Impact of Sustainable Project-Based Learning

The George B. Brooks, Sr. Community School seeks to develop individual and community up-lift through the imbedding of empowering sustainability based skills. A skills list is ever changing and expanding. This initial list is an example where the stated disciplines overlap and synergize with each other

To learn more. Download our Plan!

Environmental Skills

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Botany,Physics, etc.)
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine (Health, Fitness & Nutrition)

Social & Life Skills

  • Healthy living
  • Culinary
  • Arts and Crafts

Individual and Community Economics and Business Skills

  • Retailing
  • Small business
  • Agriculture

Collective Impact Model

We participate in a collective impact model and support Cultivate South Phoenix (CUSP), a coalition inspiring community wellness. We share their mission to "promote the wellness of families and children in south Phoenix by supporting and leveraging the efforts of a broad range of organizations with a shared vision of improving the natural, built, and social environments. We do this through community engagement in leadership, advocacy, programs, services, and activities within and across the dimensions of wellness".

Putting The Public Back Into Public Education

Public education is a critical foundation necessary to foster sustainable habits, practices and enhance resiliency across a community. Through a George B. Brooks, Sr. Community School educational program, the South Phoenix community will evolve a greater level of self-sufficiency, personnel success and general health. Successful families send successful children to school insuring the future.

“It is amazing how it cheers one up to shred oranges and scrub the floor.” D.H. Lawrence

How Can You Help?

The George B. Brooks, Sr. Community School is self sustaining and requires tuition, fees, grants, donations or other income to support programs. We are committed to sustainability and expect to distribute produce, fish, and prawns from our agriculture program for revenue and plan direct distribution through our elementary schools to families. Click here for Our Donation Form.

Please contact us to discuss how you can help. Your support is appreciated.

Contact Us

Robert Nickerson - Director

George B. Brooks, Sr. Community School 3146 East Wier St Phoenix AZ, 85040

(602) 243-4843